GFR-Test stand cover







                          Instrumenten-Panel Breezer






                           Unmanned aerial vehicle Aibot X6







                        CFR sun visor






                                                                                                          Paraglider staged-tow device


                                                                                                                         Panelling ES-Trike






                                                                                     UAV Aibot X6




                                                                                             air filter box Take-off drive

Experience the performance capabilities of fibre-reinforced composites

Fibre-reinforced composites are considered among the most important materials in light-weight construction. Aside from technical light-weight construction components, this material can be used to create designer items with a unique surface.

Aircraft concept has specialised in the production of fibre-composite parts since 2007. The result is that we not only realise projects in the aviation sector, but in the industrial and design sectors too.